Dr. Autumn Thomas

don't call us if you're not ready for change

Don’t Call if You’re Not Ready for Change

  Don’t Call us If You’re Not Ready for Change       When it comes to equity, diversity, and inclusion work, repair workspaces, and improving organizational health, consultants often get calls from leaders who are looking for us to “fix” problems without any real change.   We understand that there are levels of change

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Organizational Agreements as Mediation

Organizational Agreements as Mediation

  “When your organization has shared agreements, you can leverage those agreements to create space for HUMANE interactions between departments” Dr. Autumn Thomas Organizational Agreements Agreements Between Departments My favorite part of organizational agreements is that they lead to cross-departmental opportunities for restorative mediation.   When organizations grow, dehumanization can occur between departments. You will

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Negative Employees

Negative Employees

Look for negative patterns in employees. Have top leaders take responsibility for the relationship. Hold each other accountable to new agreements. Negative Employees Oh no!! They are raising their hand again!! There are often people who constantly raise their hands in meetings to say something discouraging. These people sometimes have the reputation as negative employees.

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Fostering Relationships

  Assess Relationships Start the Work Professional Boundaries Fostering Relationships Are you connecting with your team?       Assess Your Professional Relationships People are naturally social beings, Dr. Louis Cozolino who wrote The Neuroscience of Human Relationships points out, “our social brains have emerged during natural selection because being social enhances survival.” This is

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