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 Decrease your employee attrition by 62%

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Our consultants are highly trained and skilled.
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We understand that your organization is unique.
Our report is an in-depth map of your organization. We then
provide solid strategies, which you can confidently implement 
with or without support. 

Proven Strategies

Restorative Practices are proven to increase problem solving skills, 
create high levels of employee engagement, create a sense of community,
and bring unity to an organization.

“I’m SO proud to say that our team is not just healthy and happy, but PRODUCTIVE and FUNCTIONAL . . . and we use the tools that Dr. Thomas taught us every, single day! I can’t promise that the work will be easy, but if you and your team embrace the process, I CAN promise that the work will be worth it!”
-Jodie Gullien


“Mud and Lotus Consulting help to provide a pathway to positive, productive working environments. Dr. Thomas’s ability to provide guidance in developing a shared vision of success helps to increase the positive outcomes that are looked for in any business that hopes to be successful. Building relationships that help to ensure a positive, growth-focused result leads to a healthy, vibrant business.”
-Jane McConnell