Business Management Consulting

Business Management Consulting


Our Assessment

Our services range from an overall assessment with a report (including recommendations) to full transformational coaching. Mud and Lotus Consultants take this seriously by coming in and getting to know the team supporting your business success.

At first, we start with interviews and surveys to understand areas in need of cultural improvement. Then we study the information for patterns and information. Our team members present this information in a user-friendly format and have meaningful conversations with leadership. The information we gather is meant to encourage a positive shift in workspace culture. Ultimately, we want your employees to be productive and happy.

System Assessment

Our Solutions

After we understand problems, and map out solutions, we use multiple strategies for increasing you workforce satisfaction. The Mud and Lotus team can teach any learner! As a result, we connect with people and build capacity in the team. We enjoy developing skills in people so they are empowered to run departments, businesses, and increase productivity.

Many times we mediate problems between people or departments. Because of this, our mediations lead to dynamic problem-solving and strategies to use in the future. Mud and Lotus Consulting’s goal is to build skills that your team can use without us. In the end, we leave behind a positive and competent workforce.

We are mindful of how our services can effect those in your organization. Our amazing team looks closely at the needs of your team before we do any actual training. The work we do with your team can push people into uncomfortable places before moving them into a real place of restoration. The discomfort people feel is temporary as we pass on the skills to problem solve and make agreements. Our consultants coach teams to build their base of trust, make agreements, manage healthy conflict, and hold each other accountable in a respectful fashion.

**Virtual and in-person options available.

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