Do you really want to resolve conflicts?


  • Only for people ready to try specific conflict resolution techniques.

  • For people ready to take some messy risks for the sake of solving human problems

  • A support group for people to give and recieve suggestions

  • You can be a part of a course if you want. If not learn from others anyway.

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Don’t do this alone: 

Resolve conflict between friends.

Work through conflict between co-workers.

Gain the skills to confidently advocate.

Keep healthy boundaries.

Who is Dr. Autumn Thomas Anyway?

I am a conflict resolution facilitator who uses restorative techniques to help people resolve conflicts or find closure. It is a pro-human approach where we embrace messiness, seek solutions, and are open to challenging our thinking. I have a free Facebook Community for all to share. I conduct small classes, provide group conflict resolutions support, or can do a more intensive one-on-one coaching of the skills I use daily.


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