don't call us if you're not ready for change

Don’t Call if You’re Not Ready for Change


Don’t Call us If You’re Not Ready for Change




When it comes to equity, diversity, and inclusion work, repair workspaces, and improving organizational health, consultants often get calls from leaders who are looking for us to “fix” problems without any real change.


We understand that there are levels of change that each PERSON goes through to actually transform themselves. All the books on organizational change management in the world will not help if the individuals at the are not prepared to change. These people need to be ready to take action. It is a complete waste of money if leaders aren’t at least ready to have the conversation about shifting their own habits.


Change work comes from the top down and is rooted in psychology and culture. The work we do here at Mud and Lotus Consulting is focused on Equitable and Restorative Practices. We examine if leadership is using a toxic leadership model and how is that could be doing damage to the workspace.


A good consultant will be able to assess the level of PERSONAL change a group of leaders is ready for before making the moves. You will save your organization a lot of time and money by assessing yourself first and deciding if you are truly ready to make changes. These are changes in behavior and perception. Change is hard, but if you are ready there are consultants out there who can guide you through personal transformation, which will lead you to the organizational success you are planning.







How do you know if you’re ready?

Leaders can examine these three things before reaching out for support with their organizational change.




Leaders are ready for a change strategy if they can acknowledge that there is a problem with their culture. They know that they own this problem and have hope that there is a solution. Their awareness is high and clear.


Readiness coincides with a commitment to change. It’s okay if leaders are nervous about changing, but are committed to face their own discomfort and create a positive environment. They are committed to begin the shift.


Leadership is a difficult road and a huge responsibility. Leaders are ready to change when they are prepared to challenge their thinking and drop their defenses. The conversations will be difficult, but the leaders are ready for a rumble.