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We increase Organization Stability, for companies in Colorado, through IN PERSON interviews and assessments. Our strategy will:


  • Attract and Retain Loyal Employees
  • Increase Proficiency and Productivity
  • Reduce Labor Costs in On-Boarding and Training
  • Increase Employee Satisfaction

Align Teams

Resolve Conflict

Save Time


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Other companies encourage computer assessments WITHOUT the humanizing touch of an in-person interview. 

“I’m SO proud to say that our team is not just healthy and happy, but PRODUCTIVE and FUNCTIONAL . . . and we use the tools that Dr. Thomas taught us every, single day! I can’t promise that the work will be easy, but if you and your team embrace the process, I CAN promise that the work will be worth it!”
-Jodie Gullien


“Mud and Lotus Consulting help to provide a pathway to positive, productive working environments. Dr. Thomas’s ability to provide guidance in developing a shared vision of success helps to increase the positive outcomes that are looked for in any business that hopes to be successful. Building relationships that help to ensure a positive, growth-focused result leads to a healthy, vibrant business.”
-Jane McConnell