Is HR Your Friend?


You Know HR is Your Friend When…


Problem Solvers

Your Human Resources department is your friend when they are working diligently to solve interpersonal problems in your organization.


The key word in Human Resources is the “Human” part. If your Human Resources department is honoring humans as diverse beings you will see mediation processes in place. These mediation techniques will be  taught to everyone so they can be put into practice on a peer-to-peer level.


Equity Work

You will see programs that support equity and diversity in your organization on an authentic level. There are no excuses for the absence of equity work in an organization. Furthermore, there will be presentations, affinity groups, and spaces for people to understand how to contribute to equitable practices on an organizational level.



You will see a clear vision from the top levels of the organization with values that are well defined. As a result, these values will show up in the vocabulary of each department. Also, visionary words will be used so often that those words will show up in many conversations. These values will shape organizational agreements, and will flow into the way everyone communicates with your customers.


Restoration and Repair

If your HR Department is your friend, you will feel like they will go to any lengths to repair and restore workspaces with skill and enthusiasm. Because of this, restoration skills will lead to a culture where people understand that conflict needs to be faced and resolved.


Give Them Grace

But remember that they are humans too, so they may need support from you to remember the “human” part of their resource department. Be kind.





Is HR Your Friend?



We Can Help

If there seems to be a lack of support at various levels of your workspace, contact us for support. We have success at reorienting teams and bringing in joy with appropriate boundaries.