Conflict Resolution

This workshop is dedicated to using high-level coaching techniques and Restorative Practices in Business. Your team will learn how to mediate a conflict with powerful results. The skills we teach for conflict resolution provide tools for your team(s) to rebuild after interpersonal damage has occurred. 


Re-aligning Teams

Our re-alignment workshop is for top-level managers to revisit or establish a broad vision for the organization. The team will understand the values that support this vision and how to communicate these values throughout the organization. It is a strategic map of vision implementation through skilled action. 


Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

We guide this workshop with an inquiry-based approach. The EDI workshop is designed for your team to understand the biases that show up in a workspace and how to support your diverse workforce. We take teams through an understanding of what EDI work is and how the team can use the skills we teach on a regular basis. EDI work is essential to open up your business to the highest level of problem-solving and productivity. The conversations we facilitate are based on respect for the workspace community and lead to amazing satisfaction and retention rates.

*We do this work in groups of 20 max per workshop


Restorative Practices in Business

Your team will be completely transformed with the understanding of restoration and repair in the workplace. We have a team of experts in restorative practices and will guide your team with the steps they need to implement and become a restorative space.  This is a mindset shift leading to a cultural shift. Implementing Restorative Practices in Business builds capacity in your team to repair damage, hold people accountable, and increase workforce emotional climate.