Management Coaching

Individual Coaching

Our consultants meet with individuals at all levels. We focus on people who lead people. We support them to implement systemic changes, re-orient teams, and build synergy. We unpack the vision of the organization centering on the values which support the vision. This leads your team to establish agreements and use Restorative Practices in Business for an increase in the Workforce Emotional Climate.

Team Coaching

We meet your teams where they are at. One of our consultants will come in and observe team meetings along with other official interactions. We then work with the teams to coach them into seeing where communication breakdowns might be occurring. We coach teams to optimize their processes and project management. We roll up our sleeves and get to work, side-by-side, with your talent.

Executive Coaching

All our interactions and understanding of your team creates opportunity. Our consultants build bridges between executives and their teams. Our comprehensive approach dives into culture based on a Restorative Practices framework. In other words, we humanize organizational leadership, which leads to problem-solving and exceptional productivity.