Humanize Organizational Leadership

System Assessment

Understanding your Workforce Emotional Climate with an Organizational Health Assessment

Observational Data

We observe your organization to understand how individuals and teams interact. Based on these interactions, we assess what outcomes these interactions are producing. Through our observations, we begin to notice leverage points where procedures can begin to be adjusted for organizational cohesion.

Surveys and Interviews

Our team of experts come in and survey your team(s). We then conduct individual, confidential interviews. We customize these surveys and interviews based on the observational data we collect and the general survey. Our goal is to partner with leadership to understand where interpersonal breakdowns might be occurring and the causes. Combining Observations, Surveys, and Interviews, we are able to understand your Workforce Emotional Climate.

Equity Audit

All of our consultants have a background in equity and inclusion. We can assess if your organization is meeting the equitable needs of your diverse workforce and support leadership to increase equity in your workspace. These audits are a natural part of our overall system assessment as we conduct our scientific-based research.

Organizational Report

After we have analyzed and assessed all of our results, we present your leadership team with a Workforce Emotional Climate Report. This report is comprehensive and presents themes, feedback, and areas for improvement. The report contains a big-picture focus and then zones-in on departmental and cross-departmental processes where repair is needed.

We present technical solutions to problems we find, and deeper shifts your team(s) can make to reach higher levels of synergy. We can coach and train in these solutions, or you can manage them in-house. 

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